Saturday, 13 November 2010

November Provincial Agriculture Working Group

USDA and ADT attended the Agricultural working group. Engineer Safi (pictured with USDA colleague Dr. Gary Hart and ADT colleague LTC Legg) speaks great English and is a capable leader. This working group contrasts sharply with the Behsud District Development assembly we attended a week ago - they have an agenda, they discuss coordination between development partners and the various line ministries and actively discuss and prioritize projects. Both Engineer Safi and the ADT have done considerable work to get this group to this point. Their veterinary director talks about meat inspection and sanitation (more from the community sanitation standpoint than from the meat sanitation standpoint - sounds like all the discarded organs just get heaped in a pile for the flies and vermin to dispose of) they're doing as well as blood testing capabilities that used to have to go to Kabul . The building we meet in was donated by Japan as shown in the plaque. Japan has done great things with the rice production in Nangarhar, with Nangarhar now being a net seller of rice to surrounding provinces and Kabul.

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