Thursday, 21 October 2010

September Extension agent training

The president's agriculture stategy for Afghanistan calls for connecting Afghans to their government, and the Missouri ADT conducts monthly training for the Nangarhar extension agents here on the base to build capacity, knowledge and value in the Afghan extension system. During September the extension agents discussed project management, an important role in Afghanistan development. Topics as wide and varied as ethics, budgeting, managing the progress / challenges / labor for the project, record keeping were covered in the day long session. We also learned from the Afghans more about the challenges they face in the field from community leaders, contractors and other influential people. These monthly exchanges help enormously in cultural understanding and relationship building in addition to the technical skill development brought to Afghanistan. Pictures show discussion between the Afghan extension agents and the Missouri ADT commander, COL Fortune; Engineer Safi (the head of the Nangarhar Provincial Agriculture Department) and Col Fortune passing out certificates of completion, and another picture of the Extension agents.

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