Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sangui canal

Have gotten into the Behsud district once since arriving at Finley - Shields, went on a mission with the ADT to look at a canal refurbishment. The mud hole shows a deteriorated part of a canal and it was this spot that ate my camera - it looked like there were some hard places to step upon but they gave way when utilized. Just about every one of us ended up going down in the mud. Also walked along the Kabul river, the main source of water for agriculture. And recreation - again it was beastly hot this day and the Afghan boys enjoyed repeated dips in the river - a couple of swimmers are in the background of one picture. Note also the amount of sludge in this same picture coming out of the canal into the river - you don't want to know what's in that. The current moves swiftly; looked like a good place to go tubing if its weren't for the sanitation deficiencies. "Jake" is the young man pictured - he served as our tour guide from time to time; spoke pretty decent English as well!

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