Thursday, 10 June 2010

Transfer of Authority

At the end of May the Lethal 2-12 Division ended their tour in Afghanistan, replaced by Bastogne 1-327. Altogether, the miltary men and women spend 9 - 12 months here on their tour of duty and then RIP-TOA (relief in place - transfer of authority). The completion of the entire process takes over a month as the two divisions move in / out. Towards the end of the process comes a formal transfer of authority ceremony, which was held here in the end of May. COL George, (a fellow Iowan and Brigade commander of 2-12) came to Blessing to participate along with his replacement, COL Pappas (from Wisconsin and a fellow Packer Backer, how can we get so lucky twice in a row?!) COL George is shown giving his farewell speech, with Blessing's outgoing commander, LTC Brian Pearl seated beside him. This is both a happy and sad event at the same time; saying good bye to the friends who have protected you from harm and you have worked with for 6 months - yet thrilled for their return home.

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  1. I really do enjoy your blog. My fiance is a soldier of the 1-327 at FOB Blessing and I appreciate the time you have taken to give a glimpse of life over there.