Saturday, 15 May 2010

Volleyball tournament

There are good things happening in Afghanistan and good people to support. The security in our area had gone down lately and local leaders on their own initiative looked at the situation and decided to do something about it. The Youth Shura (an organization of young men from their teenage years up to about 40 - the definition of youth is somewhat different here!) decided to hold a volleyball tournament in the Nangalam Bazaar for a week. They invited teams from all over the district to the event to get "fighting age" males together in a peaceful setting, building friendships and sharing friendly competition. The games were well attended as you can see in the picture with people watching from the decks of the Nangalam hotel. The tournament will be followed by a public youth jirga - a large meeting where influential leaders will discuss how the young men of the area can avoid the influence of the enemy and work for peace. In the second picture, district governor, Sher Bahadir (center) and Yaar Pacha, head of the youth shura (far right), the two leaders instrumental in supporting the event, are with the winning team. The fact that this event was initiated by leaders in the community speaks volumes for the long term.

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