Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tripod - Doc puts on a surgery clinic

COL Grimm of the California ADT is holding a three legged cat that has adopted them on the Asadabad PRT.

And COL Grimm is not as stern in person as he appears in this picture. The cat is missing a left foreleg - hence the name Tripod - don't know if it was hit by a car, trapped, IED'd (do mice have suicide bombers?), but whatever the cause she also had a fractured tooth and drooled all the time. On my way home for vacation in early April COL Grimm had seen her in heat and asked if I could spay her, and after checking around we found some extra surgery instruments, sutures, and anesthesia we could use. So to the delight of many spectators we went ahead and got her spayed and pulled her broken tooth. Tripod is a tough kitty - we had to give her quite a bit of anesthesia to get her asleep and I also notice she is quite thin and jaundiced once we opened her abdomen. She took a couple days to recover but has returned to her normal affectionate self.

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