Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Reche Lam VETCAP

These pictures were taken in Reche Lam, a village west of Blessing, whose inhabitants need to connect to the Afghan government. We have found these veterinary training / vaccination clinics have had quite a bit of success since almost every rural Afghan family owns some livestock and the benefits extend to all levels of Afghan society, not just the wealthy or impoverished. The land in the river valley is actually green and fertile; areas away from there as represented in these pictures are barren and rocky. The Afghan workers couldn't even pound the stakes in the ground for the perimeter fence so they ended up stacking rocks around the bottom or the posts & calling it good. Of course a crazy critter or two wipes the fence out, but it's easily replaced.
How would you like to be the donkey "grazing" on the "grass?" Shows how tough the animals have to be to survive here.. But getting them vaccinatated for contagious and fatal diseases as well as reducing their parasite burden does wonders for these animals. We have started some revaccination clinics and continue to perform animal scoring assessments and have found significant improvement in body condition scores, which translates to more meat, milk and wool for the Afghan owner.

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