Friday, 12 March 2010


These pictures show tourmaline, another precious stone commonly found in the rocks around here. Quoting from Jamie van Dyke, a fellow DVM who is also interested in minerology: "Tourmaline are striated lengthwise, compact, columnar, radiating or prismatic chrystal that have a rounded triangular cross section or end. It forms or chrystallizes within igneous or metamorphic rock deep in the earth. Tourmaline are used as gemstones and cut into faceted gems - they may be opaque to translucent, many colors (I've seen black most commonly here) and can have inclusions." These two exampes on the burlap had been purchased by a soldier in the bazaar, but I also found several laying around loose at Hammerhead (pictures of stone in my hand) with the Afghan security guard in the previous post.

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