Monday, 1 March 2010


Around 3 AM on Feb. 28 a 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit Jalalabad and Afghanistan. I was in bed and awoke to a shaking that I thought at first was an airplane landing (my resting quarters in J'bad was only a few hundred feet from the runway); after just a few seconds I realized there was no sound of an engine and that the shaking was much more severe than what would be associated with an airplane; I perceived that we were rhythmically moving back and forth several inches, just like someone had picked up the building and put it on a slowed down paint shaker. This went on for what seemed like about thirty seconds, and then gradually subsided; no damage done. Last year we had an earthquake in Illinois that was much milder and I remember a brief sensation at work that my chair was moving up and down; this was much more noticeable!

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