Thursday, 4 March 2010

Dress for sale

We went on a walking tour of the bazaar with the objective of training the local Afghan police force. The man (Carl) who does the training is a very outgoing, engaging person who has done police work all his life and speaks with a British accent. (Picture with his negotiating on the purchase of precious stones.) His goal is to get the police to be more interactive and friendly with the populace, stopping into shops to visit, see how things are going, and develop relations with the people they protect. During the last walk - about the police more or less performed a hasty walk through and didn't stop at all; this time we spend nearly two hours in the bazaar, so we lots of opportunities to take pictures and look through the shops. The dress in the picture was for sale and caught my eye - checked with the shop keeper and he told me $50. (According to the others I was with who had purchased stuff in the bazaar before you can usually get stuff for about half the initial asking price.) Checked with Liz tho and she wasn't interested; perhaps I can save Erin a ton of money and buy this for her wedding gown????

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