Saturday, 20 February 2010

Press coverage of ag conference

An Afghan press conference was held in the mid morning break of the ag conference, demonstrating the interest agriculture generates in this country. The four seated gentlemen are (L to R) Engineer Safi (Laghman Ag director), Laghman Governor Lutfullah Maschall, the Nangarhar subgovernor and a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Land (MAIL). Gov. Maschall got a laugh out of those in attendance; Afghan's can speak at passionately and great length and he was no exception. After he concluded his remarks in Pahstu he switched to English and gave a brief summary of his remarks, concluding with, (roughly quoted and delivered with a smile and wink) "I don't need to say any more words in English, I've said enough in Pashtu."

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