Saturday, 20 February 2010

Dinner at the governor's palace

These pictures show the dining hall arrangements we had for lunch during the ag conference. The Afghan government officials and US reps were inside the governor's palace while the Afghans in attendance sat outside on carpets. Some of the late arrivals (such as myself) ate inside the parlor room shown here and in the earlier post of the governor's compound. We dined on grilled chicken, stewed goat, potatoes, rice with raisins and grated vegetables, and Afghan flat bread. The food here is devastatingly delicious to my palate - intricately spiced and having a moderate amount of hot pepper included and that suits me just fine. The meat is so tender it literally falls apart; I tip my cap to the cooks since I would never have imaged that the Afghan animals I've seen would yield such tender meat and Buffalo Wild Wings could learn a thing or two from the dry rub Afghan's use on their chicken. Food is served in large, community bowls / plates and pieces of flat bread are used to scoop up the food instead of silverware.

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