Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ag conference day 2

The Afghan's took the lead for the second day of the Ag Conference. Opening remarks were delivered by Afghan governors from the Laghman and Nangarhar provinces. They shared their ideas about the need for agricultural and agribusiness development in Afghanistan. We heard that 85% of the country's population is involved with agriculture and that improvements in agriculture will lead to improved Afghan lives and greater stability. Increasing the amount of irrigated land, getting cold storage (remember, A'stan has very little electricity and cool / cold storage is essentially non - existent outside of the major population areas), food processing industries, agriculture disease knowledge and management (both plants and animals), increasing crop diversity, increasing market opportunities and increasing crop yields were accurately identified as agricultural development needs. The students came across very well; I see them as being the hope and future of Afghanistan agriculture and hope I can get involved in this internship program during my stay in country.


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