Friday, 8 January 2010

Nangalam Hotel

Newly built hotel in Nangalam. This village of perhaps 5000 is within half a mile of Blessing and has become the main center for commerce for the central part of Kunar. At last count there were 460+ shops in the Nangalam bazaar, selling food, clothing, medicines, house hold goods, etc. Electric appliances are not seen since electricity basically doesn't exist in rurual A'stan. The bazaar does have solar street lights which helps with security.

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  1. Hey Doc, my Mom said that you were in Afghan land. I will be actually coming back that way this summer time frame in Kandahar. Hope all is going well with you there, stay safe over there. I was there for 8 months before in the Herat area about 3 years ago with the Army. I'll try to look you up when I get over there, maybe I'll buy you dinner at the local choke and puke...haha!

    Ryan Lee (Loren Lee's son)