Thursday, 28 January 2010

Met with Afghanistan Veterinary Association DVMs

On Jan. 25 I traveled to Jalalabad to meet with Dr. Safi, (center) the head of the Afghanistan Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Safi grew up near the Blessing FOB and knows the area where I work well - both the terrain and the people! The district agriculture director in Manogai had presented a broiler house project - one house for 4,000 birds. One important part of our job is to determine the sustainability of projects and I had concerns about the sustainability of this one due to its size, its mismatch to the size of the local market, the lack of electricity (for wells, fans, feed production, etc.) and other design challenges. We contacted the AVA to involve the Afghani's in the decision making process, and Dr. Safi provided invaluable information, revising the project into something that should be more workable and will provide a positive impact to a much greater percentage of the Afghan population. Dr. Safi has traveled in the US more than I have and speaks (at least) 4 different languages and I hope we'll be able to work together professionally on some other important and necessary veterinary / agriculture initiatives.

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