Thursday, 28 January 2010

Meeting with Haji Hakim

This picture shows (l to r) me, Haji Hakim (District Forestry Manager), Mohammad and Capt. Leeds reviewing a reforestation project proposal in the district government center. As you've seen in other photos, the rocky mountains surrounding the river valleys do not absorb rain / snowmelt and runoff can result in the loss of farm ground and village homes. These mountains used to be covered with trees and vegetation and restoring those natural features will help minimize erosion and the need for ad hoc projects like retaining walls. Hakim proposed a series of check dams and terraces built by hand labor in the mountains to slow down the water and help retain soil (what little there is) and plant trees. It will be interesting to watch this project unfold over the next few months. Mohammad works with the USAID (US Agency for International Development) and Captain Leeds works with Civil Affairs. Funding for these projects comes from a variety of sources.

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