Monday, 11 January 2010

Gen. Stanley McCrystal visit to Michigan

On Jan. 11 a few of us traveled from Blessing about 10 miles west to a smaller base called Michigan. For two weeks we've had to keep the secret that Gen. McChrystal was coming to award a silver start to Lt. Zambarda for valor in battle. I don't know the whole story, bit from what I understand he had been here less than three weeks; he and a group of his men were attacked and he ran over 2000 across a mountain while udner fire to pursue and finish off the enemy combatants. McChrystal came into the flew in by heliocopoter and first introduced himslef to everyone in the command post where I was waiting. I was surprised by what a "regular guy" he was; he conversed easily with all of us an has the talent of relaxing those around him in spite of his considerable achievements; he conversed well with everyone and asked lots of questions. He also listens very carefully to answers. When he came to me he made some small talk and asked about where I was from and asked, not what I was doing, but more how am I doing questions. He looks right at you when you answer questions and seems to peer right into your soul - I'm sure he can pry right to the heart of matters when he chooses. The brief went well, then on to the award ceremony, a meet & greet picutre taking opportunity

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