Monday, 11 January 2010

Gen. McChrystal visit page 2

Apologies for the interruption, still getting used to this blog program. During the meet and greet Gen. McChrystal encouraged eveyone to get their pictures taken with him, the armed forces were thrilled, and us civilian guys (Paul Negley and I) were lucky enough to be invited in as well. During this session I mentioned to Gen. McChrystal that a quote of his hangs in Mark's work space and is a favorite of his. After the meet and greet we moved to a "shura" (meeting) with District governor Rahkman (the man in the white picol (felt hat) immediately to McChrystal's right and some other village elders and power brokers in the area. Gratitude was expressed as well as some explicit requests for various projects. Reconciliation with former fighters was another part of the discussion - the difficulties involved, disarmament, incentives (jobs, economic opportunity, willingness to live a member of civil society, etc. Gen. McChrystal did a lot of listening during this session.

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